About the Workshop


One of Frederik's niches is working with people who are healing after a toxic relationship, using a combination of psychological tools and energy healing.

In this workshop, he the tools that helped him recover after toxic relationships, and subsequently helped his clients:

- understand how and why we allow people to pollute our lives

- what we can do to change this

- why we are reluctant to change - and how to reframe our mindset so we stop letting unhealthy people make our lives miserable.

In this workshop of nearly 6 hours, recorded in 2020, Frederik shares the most helpful ideas and tools to help you:

- identify the situation

- stop getting sucked into other peoples' problems

- get your life back together and heal

- keep healthy boundaries in the future.

This workshop condenses the most important ideas he came across with regards to narcissists and toxic people. These are the ideas that would have helped him avoid the abuse.

Helping other people step away faster from unhealthy situations makes his experience even more worthwhile.


1. Introduction

2. Definitions

3. Healthy Relationships - and Toxic Relationships

4. Truth and Lies

5. Transactional Analysis applied to Toxic Relationships

6. Toxic Games

7. 25 Red Flags of Toxic Behaviour (including bonus material)

8. Identifying the Cycle of Abuse

9. Healing: 7 steps

10. Taking Responsibility

11. Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

12. Outro and bonuses

13. Bonus: Negotiating with Narcissists

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This course includes:
  • 6 hours on-demand video

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on computer, mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion